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As you've probably all noticed, we have a Pixelmon Dark beta server running and people are already debating wether we should update our main pixelmon server to this version. Now if we would decide to eventually update it would mean that we could not revert the server back to an older version and could only support Pixelmon Dark and versions based from that version. If another group decides to make another version and it is not based on a previous mod version it could have problems updating properly. 

Secondly you probably all know that the original mod authors have been shut down, and what this holds for the future of this and other pixelmon servers is yet unknown. This shutdown basically threatens the long existence of the whole pixelmon community and also for our server. I find it a great pleasure that there are still plenty of people wanting to improve and update the mod but a little bit skeptic on the fact that we don't know how long it will last. 

Now we are keen to keep the servers online and they are not going anywhere yet, and while all these changes are happening around us we should look into what do we as server. Do we want to keep hosting the last version of the original mod? or do we want to venture into Pixelmon Dark directly, without knowing if that version holds the future for the mod yet?

Me myself and probably a lot of other people are excited for the Dark version because there are a lot of new Pokemon added and i'd say we could update but we don't know what kind of result that will eventually bring. Only time could learn, but before we make any decisions it is up to you the community to decide and debate.

You can find a poll on the main page of the website where you can vote, and leave your comments on this topic.



While I do understand the uncertain nature of the future for this mod, I believe updating would be the best thing for the community and the life of this server. We could always keep a back up copy of the currant server in place of the Dark Beta now maybe?

I greatly enjoy playing with this community and I think the best way to bring in new people and move forward is to update.

Just one Doc's opinion though :)

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I was very excited when i first discovered pixelmon dark and told the staff about it. However, I now find that the pixelmon dark developers are focusing too much on adding new content. This causes bugs to pile up. Also, as many of you probably have noticed, there are a lot of moves and abilities unimplemented because the devs are only focusing on adding new pokemon. Both of those issues make the game less fun to play even though there are so many new pokemon. So in my opinion, as long as the pixelmon dark developers keep neglecting bug fixes and proper adding of new pokemon (not placing bug fixes and completion of the new content on no. 1 priority), i will be against updating to pixelmon dark. For the simple reason that 1 day we might end up stuck with some half-baked version of pixelmon dark because they got shut down, that includes sooo many bugs and unfinished content that we have to edit rules and restrict some pokemon from being used in general (and unimplemented stuff like the tapu's their abilities now affect the competetive world). To summarize my opinion in a shortened fashion: I don't want an update because i do not want to risk ending up with a half-baked version of pixelmon.

When i found out about pixelmon dark, I was one of the main people stressing for an update, but after seeing that the devs are just shoveling out updates without any regard to pre-bug test it, i don't want to see us end up with a version that will overall hurt us in the longrun. My answer is to see where the mod ends up in a month or two, and make the decision from there. If we could implement safeguards where after we update and have to fall back to regular pixelmon again, (such as the points you spent, or something to compensate the players) I would be for it. Another issue i want to bring up is how it will effect the competitive meta, with most of the new abilities not being implemented, we are left with these half baked mons that shouldn't have been implemented without it, so unless they prioritize improving the mons they currently have, i don't want to see an update anytime soon.

I'm also in the group that's against updating. Yes, new stuff is always nice, but new stuff at the expense of dozens of new bugs and a dev team that seems too impatient to properly test their features before releasing them is just not a good idea. Plus, if (when) Nintendo comes after them, since they are using current gen Pokemon in Dark which Pixelmon always avoided, we'll end up stuck on Dark with no way of going back to Pixelmon without completely starting over. I may change my mind if they manage to pull it together and focus on quality instead of getting as much stuff out as possible, but for now I'm one of the people that voted no.

I am completely in favor of the update. There are so many new Pokemon being added. (200+) and there aren't any bugs that matter. Sure there are a few model bugs here and there, but those are easily fixed, and to be honest, they can even be fixed with a texture pack. So when people say that it is "filled with bugs" that is false. At least you can't say that Pixelmon Dark has game breaking bugs that happen every day, which Pixelmon Mod already does. In Pixelmon Mod, almost every day there is someone who has a Pokemon duplicated/deleted. At last Pixelmon Dark doesn't have bugs like that. The only "bad" bugs that they had were when the statues of Dedenne, Giratina, and Hawlucha would crash the server, but that was fixed. People are also mistaking un-released features for bugs. There is a difference between bugs and unreleased features. For example, the Tapus' abilities are not added. People keep calling that a "bug," but it's not a bug. It just says "Coming Soon!" People also say, well, the update is "incomplete" because not all of the abilities, moves, etc. are added, but you have to remember, pixelmon mod did the same thing for years. I remember when tons of Pokemon did not have abilities and they said "Coming Soon!" And that lasted for a long time. It took Pixelmon Mod a long time to add some of the abilities, so you have to let Pixelmon Dark take their time to add the new abilities. I will admit, there are some actual bugs in this mod, but there are also bugs in Pixelmon which I have already mentioned many times. Another thing that I have seen people say is that Pixelmon Dark is going to get shut down just like pixelmon because they are using gen 7 and stuff. Well, to be honest, either way they have a risk of being shut down. If they do get shut down, who cares if we are "stuck" on Pixelmon Dark. It adds 200+ new Pokemon! That's enough to last for a long time. The next thing that many people say is that they are not focused on quality, and only quantity. That isn't really true. Sure, they make these updates that add tons of new Pokemon, but after that, they go back and make bug fix updates. So, they are both adding a bunch of new Pokemon, and at the same time fixing the bugs to make the mod better quality. Over time, if we don't update to the server, people will move on to other servers that are using Pixelmon Dark or other fan made pixelmon updates. So, in my opinion, there isn't really a reason not to update to Pixelmon Dark. We can't stay on Pixelmon Mod 5. what ever for ever or the server will die!

I voted to update, sure it could take some work, but the other options arn't looking to great atm.

People also tend to forget that the original pixelmod was just as buggy back in the day.

I could see why people would want to or not want to update to Pixelmon Dark, but I don't see the reason to make a decision now. Why can't we just keep the server as it is, and when the bugs are fixed we can update? Can someone explain to me, why we have to make a decision now?

Speed, it's not a final decision, it is just to get an idea of what people think. It could still be months before we update. Also, most of the bugs have been fixed.

Pixelmon mod is sooooo great. Let's make the the Pixelmon mod great again. Boo Pixelmondark. (Comment is open for further change in the future.)

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Im against this "Pixelmon Dark Beta" update. Yes all the newer Pokemon are going to be good for the longevity of ths server and people may be more enticed into playing the server once more to catch all the Pokemon and to train them up for competitive means but as Lumirecia has stated above "Pixelmon dark developers are focusing too much on adding new content. This causes bugs to pile up." This will only lead to issues for the server to be run off of a "Beta"  which could of catastrophic consequences if it gets bad enough to the point where it crashes the server, Yes you can always roll back the server to a previous state with some backup but by then, people would of lost hours and maybe days of work on the server. In the future when it comes out of it's "Beta" phase and "If" it works well enough to support the server and everyone playing on it, Then by all means update for the community.

TLDR; Issues could cause mass rollbacks, losing hours (Maybe days depending on how long it takes to crash),Wait for Pixelmon Dark "Beta" phase to finish and test it out a bit more just to be safe then update when staff feels the need to update

As someone whose very logical, ill say this seeing how close the votes are, this could be VERY close but supportive of the new update but times can change!

Would like to point out that the original post doesn't specify WHEN but rather IF we should update. This would be something we would do tomorrow, but in the future.

Wish I had put more thought into my vote, my opinions have already changed to being against an update.

We are not making any decisions on updating any time soon anyways, we merely want to know people's opinions and we may end up having multiple beta servers to look into the different versions of the mod that are coming out. So you may expect a Pixelmon Reborn server as well.



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Im in favor of updating.... eventually

hear me out, they will eventually switch to bug fixes, skills, ect..... when they start doing that I say update.... 
I think they are pumping all this stuff out quickly because they aren't under Nintendo's DMCA, and want to get as much done as possible before Nintendo wakes up, I mean lets be honest Nintendo is a heavy sleeper, it takes loads to wake it up, but when Nintendo does wake up, its super cranky and wants to bite it's  fans heads off..... so if they add all that content at the same time, its easier to bug fix 50 things at once (as it might take an edit to 1 piece of the code for most of it) than it would to update it slowly and have to edit the code every time they add 1 thing, so like say they add 4 pokemon, 1 is glitchy, they fix it.... then they add 4 more and 1 is glitchy, they fix it again...... its faster to just add 200 and bug scrub from there (for what I understand with my limited programing knowlage) 

I think its a decision that cannot be made lightly, im in favour of updating, of course who wouldnt its exciting and new stuff brings new players, but best to see which direction the Dark Mods are going first and biding our time, rushing will be a mistake although tempting :-)

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Lol even though I haven't been on the server for like three years, I don't think you guys should update the server if the developers are focused on quantity and not quality. Though I might see why you would be considering due to some of the servers income (this might have changed idk) are from donations and people buying Pokemon, so I would understand why you would if you didn't want your server to become obsolete and forgotten about. Even though I have a feeling that most people would ignore the bugs and continue playing or in a worse case scenario they would blame the owner or the server creators (mostly because of small amount of people are ignorant of the situation). I'd say let it play out a bit before making any big decisions and see what happens, if you notice a drop in players because of not updating I think you'd be better off updating sadly. 

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Personally I'm between the decision, on one hand the mod brings a lot of pokemon to the game, on the other, it's a mod that has stollen from the original Pixelmon mod and just expanded. While i agree updating the server to this mod would be a big payoff in terms of players, it would also hurt crediability with the pixelmon developers too